Posted by: ketheredge | January 8, 2012

Reflections from the Partners in Learning Global Forum–Part 1

Two months ago yesterday, I embarked on an experience of a lifetime.  I traveled to Washington DC to attend Microsoft’s Global Forum.  It was my birthday and it was an amazing gift for this “geeky educator!”  I had every intention of blogging about my experience while I was in D.C. but it didn’t happen.  Although I didn’t write then, I promised myself I would capture the experience soon… Two months later, here I am.  With the moments fresh in my mind as if they happened yesterday, I’ll begin the documentation now.  In my next few posts I plan to share the amazing experience.

My first evening in DC, I went to dinner with two of my US teammates, Melanie Wiscount and Pauline Roberts to celebrate my birthday.  bdaydinnerWe had a lovely time eating and getting better acquainted.  While I met them at the U.S. forum, we were not on learning excursion teams together so I didn’t know them well.  Within 20 minutes of dinner it was evident that we were all cut from the same cloth – passionate educators who loved learning.

After dinner we headed to registration and quickly began meeting educators from around the globe.  It was thrilling to meet teachers who began chatting just a week or two on Twitter using the #PILGF hashtag!  Seeing the face of a person I conversed with via twitter was thrilling.  Fida El-Homsi from Lebanon was the first new twitter friend I met.  I also met one of my teammates for the learning excursion, Daniel Mercado.  As we walked around, I could feel the energy.  Over 100 educators traveled across the globe to share their lessons and their passion for education.  It was exhilarating!  So exhilarating that when I returned to my hotel it was hard to sleep.  (I should of blogged then Winking smile ). Instead, I culled over the program and planned for the next day, but sleep? Not so much. Smile

I knew I was in store for an amazing week.  I, however, could not foresee what a life changing experience it would truly be.

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