Posted by: ketheredge | August 7, 2013

Best Kept Secret Series: Windows Live MovieMaker

Well, the busyness of life and school took over and I didn’t’ fulfill my goal of blogging once a week.  Time is slowing down a bit, however, and, therefore, I will begin a new my goal of sharing one of Microsoft’s free resources once a week.  So, let’s begin again…

Windows Live MovieMaker is a Microsoft’s free movie editing software.  Almost everyone I know has heard of MovieMaker so featuring it in the Best Kept Secret series may seem silly, but I have good reason.  The program has evolved greatly since its beginnings – MovieMaker 2.6  – and many of its newest features are unknown.  For example, MovieMaker:

  •  Creates transitions and effects automatically with AutoMovie themes
  • Captures Webcam video
  • Allows you to narrate your movie right from the Home Ribbon
  • Helps you find copyright free music online to use in your movie


  • Allows you to quickly share      your final product via SkyDrive, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and Flickr


  • Adds animations and  visual effects as well as mixes audio      with a touch of a button


Cool, right?  In short, the most recent version of Windows Live MovieMaker allows you and your students to create high quality video simply and quickly.

Need some basic directions for using MovieMaker?

In my literature class, students have used MovieMaker in numerous ways.  Students created informative videos for their media campaigns; performed monologues from The Merchant of Venice; turned poems into movies; created music videos of their parodies – just to name a few.  How have your students used MovieMaker in your classroom?


  1. I love MovieMaker! One of my students did a great little movie with it this past year in fourth grade. She and her partner combined video footage/photos/voiceovers and text. She basically taught herself through trial and error.

    • That is awesome Laura! It is great to see students get excited, take initiative, and create beautiful work. 🙂

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